“Young Women’s & Teen Young Ladies’ Conference is a great way to meet new people & have fun!”

“The speaker was very inspiring, I am only 14 & she really touched my heart. I can’t wait to come back next year.”

–TierraT. B.

“I’m blessed to be here with strong beautiful women.”

“Great to see someone be dedicated not only to help women but be so devoted to our God!”

– Leticia P.

“The Teaching was great not only touching the older women but also the teens.”

“Lisa is an awesome woman of God. No sugarcoating of the Word!”                                          – Carolyn J.

“Electrifying and Inspiring.”                                                                                                                          – Harriet J.

“It was enlightening and enriching to be around God’s women. In Praise as well as in gifts!!!!”

– Raeden B.

“I love the strong godly women here, and the conference was amazing”

– Jessie J.

“This is an awesome conference! Women, young and old can all benefit from attending this conference.”

“The speaker fired me up and reminded me of the things I need and wanted to do. “I’m gonna wash my greens!”

– Tianna B-S.

“By our brains combined, we are one great mind.” Let’s continue to empower and pray for one another.”

“Lisa is a beautiful, caring, and loving spirit. Very inspiring and a great mentor and motivator!”

    – Kayla F-J.

“Fantastic! God is Great!”                                                                                                                                  – Maria C.

“With discipline and resources there’s no reason to stay at the bottom. Always push to the top.”

“Lisa was encouraging, real, and powerful. I am blessed to have received this

opportunity to hear her message.”                                                                                                                                                         – Hayley K.

I think it was very well done. The people, young lady and her daughter I invited, Really enjoyed it!

Lisa is a blessed woman of God. I thank God for her giving back to women and teen young ladies

– Eula H.

“I am thankful that I was invited. It was a breath of fresh air to my spiritual man.”

“Lisa is down to earth, truthful and inspiring to the young and the old. She encouraged the women (young girls) to trust God and live a holy life.”

– Sheila G.

“I would love to see more young ladies lives changed by coming to this event.”

“The speaker was very inspirational! She challenged us to reach a greater dimension in Christ”

– Trenesha A.

For the struggles that life is currently handing me, this conference was medicine for my soul!

“Lisa is a very engaging, dynamic, and anointed speaker!”

– Charmaine L-S.

“It was awesome to meet and be among strong women in the community. I feel that I now know there are people I can reach out to and learn from, grow, and give back myself.”

“Lisa is strong. She is loving and giving. She truly wants to make a difference in the community. She is inspirational and beautiful.”

– Khadija G.

“Wonderful and heartfelt experience”

“Lisa was uplifting and inspiring!”

– Emlyn M.

“What a worthwhile time and blessing”

“Lisa is a wise woman of God!”

– Sherrie E.

“We need to have more positive things for them in life as veteran women.”

“Lisa was Awesome.”                                                                                                                                             – Carol N.

“A Woman of God-Awesome.”                                                                                                                        – Janice H.

“My daughter and friend attended with me and both enjoyed all things with me. My 23 year old daughter had signed up with several vendors!”

“The speaker was awesome. She has a heart for our young ladies as she reminds the older women to lead. Left me feeling encouraged and inspired!”

– Sherry C.

“Just what our young ladies & mothers need, a great support event!”

“Lisa is a woman of wisdom working in the spirit of God.”

– Maria P.

“This was my first time attending the conference and I had such a great time. Meeting new people and learning so much. So blessed I was invited.”

“The speaker was very eccentric and very passionate about her message. I enjoyed hearing it; insightful and inspirational. She’s bringing it all back.”

– Jasmine D.

“This is my first time attending one and I enjoyed myself and will attend again.”

“Lisa is very down to earth, loving & truthful about the Word. Teaching & living holy is right!”

– Renee G.

Inspiring, bonding with other women, spiritual, amazing experience.

“Lisa is a great gift to women, sacrificed her time and energy to bring us the Word. A mentor, giver, and overall connector.”

– Delmira B.

“The O.R.Y. Conference gave me an inspiring outlook on life.”

“The speaker made me feel like I have hope in my life and future.”

– Raven W.

“Lisa, I want to thank you for inviting me to the ORY Women’s conference. It was electrifying and there was a really good spirit in the room. A spirit of inclusion and acceptance was there. There was no differentiation between races or nationalities, just God’s people there for the good of the young people of all races and nationalities. I have not seen a lot of this and this world needs a lot more of it. I am sure we will be seeing more of each other.”

– Marilyn V.

“The organizations and colleges that were here were great. Lisa was very inspirational!”

– Marissa P.

“This was a great and helpful experience. Wonderful way to make women stronger, together”

– Cassandra S.

“Opportunity for change is greatly appreciated. Thank you.”

Jennifer T.

“I was a bit reluctant to come at first, but it was a wonderful experience. I received lots of information about different groups, and I got a chance to fellowship.”

“The speaker was amazing; She has so much knowledge & wisdom, and a real powerhouse. Absolutely Stunning!”

– Sierra J.

“Lisa is dynamic & on Fire for the Lord. Her excitement is contagious!”

– Sarah P.

“This conference offers a unique marrying of gospel and community resources to support and connect all who attend!”

– Stephanie T.

“What a great event to mentor and encourage young ladies and teens!”

– Aulino


“Lisa speaks the unadulterated truth in Love! Someone has to say it… let’s go back to respect, truth, grace, and fellowship with our sisters. Thank you so much Lisa! And thanks for one “special” lunch”

– Alma S., Salvation Army

“Very uplifting, educational-great experience!”

– Barb C., Mission Medical Clinic

“Lisa you are such an inspiration to all women & your love of the Lord shows through everything you do!”

– Sheryl M., Joel’s Home & Mercy Center Journey to Hope

“This event is great!!”

– Katherine B., Damsel In Defense

“The Young Women’s and Teen Young Ladies’ Conference, the wisdom of older women and the fresh curiosity of the young women, makes the exuberance and energy flow throughout the day. I love this conference, it bubbles with energy- positive energy!”

– Nancy M., University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

“Lisa is a blessing. This event is inspirational and the resources are priceless.”

– Chelsea W., Perfectly Posh

“This conference is was a blessing in disguise. It is true; I will not be leaving the same person. It was absolutely fabulous!”

– Shelby A., Touch Of A Feather

“Awesome to see women helping & giving back to the younger ladies. Nothing like having support from ladies!”

– Stephanie K., Legal Shield

“I really appreciate how Lisa Bell and her O.R.Y. Women present this conference to empower young teens by seasoned women. You are powerful and will be always.”

– Belenda C., Pikes Peak Community College

“An amazing gathering of women building up younger women. Lisa is an incredible inspiration.”

– Angie B., Mizar Resources/Amway

“This was my second event! Lisa & her wonderful team do such a great job to bring together, beautiful girls & women together from the community to learn, grow, and have fun!”

– Nohea M., Local Pass Book Youth Media Scholarships

“Absolutely amazing what a gift being here!”

– Darla A., The Adoption Story

“Young women need to know there is hope and they need to know they aren’t alone, and ORY tells them that!”

– Amy K., The Career Building Academy

“Continue to Care, and make a difference in each life is what it’s all about.”

– Ruth M., Jeunesse

“We loved being part of the conference this year. It was an amazing experience.”

– Daina B., Charming Ladies Club

“Congratulations to Lisa and all the O.R.Y. Women for an amazing program Saturday Aug. 22th. Lisa was a “Girl On FIRE!” Very inspirational! The hospitality shown to the guests, young and mature, was exceptional. The vendor accommodation was very comfortable and the food much appreciated!”

– Carolyn K., Penrose Cancer Center Angel Network-Juntas

“Everything was just perfect. Thank you for inviting us.”

– Veronica R., Mary Kay

“Thank you so much for putting this wonderful event together. The tables were beautiful and you are doing a wonderful thing for our youths.”

– Keri B., Jamberry Nails

“It is our responsibility to give and share our experiences with others. Seek to give—seek to be & seek to have –then pass it on.”

– Carol P., U.S. Bank

“What an inspiring offering to youth!”

– Martha N., Live Long Prosper INC. Synergy Worldwide

“It was wonderful to hear from the “young ladies” there that knew “smoking” was not cool!”

– Ingrid S., El Paso County Public Health Department